Product OverviewProduct Overview

Product Overview

Solution-IV is a completely integrated business management solution. The General Accounting modules are GAAP compliant and satisfy the demands of corporate management and the finance department. The Operations modules manage Order Processing, POS, Job Tracking, and Inventory requirements. A full range of specialized pricing and customer discount options are supported. A Web-based Customer Service module enables customers to view their account status, invoices, existing orders, get quotes and place orders. Solution-IV supports plain paper, fax and e-mail of Statements, Invoices, Orders and Purchase Orders and Quotes. e-Dash gives you a complete review of your business, NOW!

Solution-IV is a complete Business Management Solution. Accuracy, productivity, versatility and connectivity are required to match the needs of today's business enterprises.

  • Accuracy. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), is the foundation of the Solution-IV Business Management Solution.
  • Productivity. Solution-IV is time tested with thousands of installations over the past decade. Time saving features enhance the productivity and efficiency of your operations and options allow you to choose which way is the most efficient for your business.
  • Versatility. Solution-IV can be installed off-the-shelf or customized to suit your requirements. Solution-IV is developed in Thoroughbred's OPENworkshopTM Object Oriented Development System providing ease of maintenance and support, and source code is included.
  • Connectivity. Solution-IV completes the picture by providing integration capability with Windows based productivity tools such as spreadsheets, word processors, databases and imaging systems. Solution-IV is an enterprise wide solution providing a seamless integration and sharing of information with other databases throughout your organization.

Interoperable Across Environments & Platforms

With the wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms available today, one must look at the complete picture before making a purchasing decision. From the accounting software perspective, however, the choice is easy. Solution-IV runs on over 100 different hardware platforms and in Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2016/2019, Linux, UNIX and VMS environments. You can confidently make your application decision without regard for hardware or software platform configurations.

Integration With Windows-Based Productivity Tools

Solution-IV Accounting has broken new ground in integrating your business data with Windows-based products such as spreadsheets, word processors and imaging. You can create and display graphs and charts and insert data into documents using your favorite software.

Both color and scanned document images can be attached to Solution-IV data. This means that images such as purchase orders and correspondence can be attached to invoices, vendors or customers; employee photos, resumes and applications can be attached to employee records; and pictures or schematic diagrams can be attached to inventory items and orders.