Solution-IV® Customer PortalSolution-IV® Customer Portal

Solution-IV Customer Portal provides Internet access to customer related information in the Solution-IV system. Quotes, Orders, Statements, Invoices and Customer Account Information may be viewed and printed. Service calls may be requested. Orders may be tracked, and more.

Solution-IV's Customer Portal keeps your customers in touch with your business automatically. A direct connection to their pricing, discounts and account information is provided when ordering and obtaining quotes on-line, thus reducing sales cycles, improving efficiency and increasing revenue. Designed for ease of use, Solution-IV Customer Portal can be implemented in a very short time, and available for use by your customers immediately. e-Business is supported by providing on-line order processing, including product descriptions, images, and correct pricing discount information. Files can be imported as required.


Features supported by the Solution-IV Customer Portal module include:

  • Customer Account Information
  • Request Pickup
  • News
  • Rewards

  • Open Order Status
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  • Open Invoice Research

  • Open Invoice research
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  • Order Tracking

  • Order Tracking
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  • Statement Research

  • Statement research
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  • Item Inquiries
  • Service Request with Service Contract Module Option
  • Printable Documents
  • Can be seamlessly designed into your current Website's look and feel

Additional features can be added and modified as required or desired. Solution-IV Customer Portal is flexible, and configurable to you and your customers' requirements.

Provide the ultimate in Customer Service by connecting with your customers today with

Solution-IV Customer Portal

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